“Your personal wisdom, guidance, and encouragement continue to enhance my business and my life in every aspect.”

Gary Gray PT, Gray Institute

“I really appreciated the multiple alternatives you helped us identify and understand. It enabled us to make our decisions with confidence.”


“Bob single-handedly provided me and my company with a mechanism to measure my business financial picture. It was done in an individual and concise way and I now can track my entire business on a one-page report each week. His business metrics system has enable me to make more important decisions on business growth and development with much more confidence. He is the ultimate business consultant and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Derek Steveson PT, The Functional Performance Center

“I have been able to interact with practitioners who have expanded their businesses exponentially by consulting with Performance Builders®. They all are effusive in their praise for its ability to arm them with the knowledge and tools to allow them to take control of their businesses; instead of being controlled by their businesses. His goal is to provide knowledge and time-proven strategies to the practitioner; empowering them to chart the course of their business endeavors in an ever-changing financial environment.”

David Tiberio PT PhD, Gray Institute for Functional Transformation

“Great return on investment – our profits are way up and we’re just getting started. Thanks!”

Scott Fisher PT, Gary Gray Physical Therapy

“You have been more of a mentor than a consultant. You have had a significant role in the tripling of profits that have occurred in … our practice.”

Mark Vance PT, Rehab Associates

“Builders can help tailor their business advice to you as an individual based on whatever stage your business is at. After working with them I immediately started to implement their advice and it is paying off already. My clients are talking more about me to their friends, which are positioning me for greater success already. Thanks Performance Builders®!”

Kevin Pratt, Personal Trainer, UK

“Thank you for help in our recent contract negotiations. The out-come was better than I had hoped for – I couldn’t have done it without you.” …Bob has revolutionized the way we operate out businesses financially. His expertise allows us quick and accurate “windows” to our productivity, efficiency and effectiveness at both of my locations. I highly recommend Bob for your company!”

Brett Fischer PT, Fischer Sports Physical Therapy & Conditioning

“I had the great pleasure of working with Performance Builders®, when we hired them as our business consultants during our start up phase of a rehab and fitness facility. It was clear right from the start that they listened and invariably understood exactly what our vision was and how to coach us to be successful at all the steps along the way (i.e. design, recruitment, financial management, profit, etc…) They were able to maintain a balanced approach between process and structure. They work efficiently and communicate their ideas clearly and concisely. They are a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented group who are able to come up with new and innovative approaches”

Bill Arcand Personal Trainer, Studio Helix

“There are three specific characteristics about Bob that I have consistently observed… He is one of the most creative, strategic thinkers I have had the privilege of working alongside in my career. Bob has a very unique gift to see a situation from multiple points of view and bring an innovative solution to the discussion that the rest of the group would not consider on their own. Bob also has the leadership skills to engage an organization of diverse stakeholders in getting behind the vision to execute and bring it to reality. Finally, Bob is a man of unimpeachable integrity. This goes beyond the limited definition of ‘not doing the wrong thing’ to a more compelling ‘do the right thing.”

Tim Coan CEO, ALN Medical Management

“Performance Builders® program has been great for my practice. The concepts and strategies I’ve learned help me identify problems and give me solutions to transform these problem areas.”

Brendan Shea PT, Shea Physical Therapy

“The information contained in Performance Builders® is practical, incredibly in depth, and woven around ideas that are consistent with how I viewed the business of Physical Therapy. I highly recommend him.”

Michael Kane PT, ProMotion

“I highly recommend Bob Wiersma for his professional skills and personal integrity.”

Ken Scholten CEO, Agility Health Professional

“Bob has been the most influential person in the success of my practice.”

Matt Vander Kooi PT, New Life Physical Therapy

“Thanks for all of your help over the last few years.  It’s amazing how much I have learned from you and the rest of the Performance Builders Network.”

Fabrice Rockich, DPT; OPTM Physical Therapy, CA

“Performance Builders® have the unique gift to offer unbiased in-depth forward thinking business considerations. Their help provided our company the insight to make the appropriate decisions to secure our longevity and financial success.”

David Cobb PT, Miracles Rehabilitation

“Bob Wiersma provided an excellent presentation for the RI APTA on business management issues. His knowledge in the field is vast and his presentation style was relaxed and interactive. I highly recommend him and his services to any facility looking to improve leadership and business management skills.”

Don Levine PT, Olympic Physical Therapy

“Implementing the documentation system (Rapid Reports) that Performance Builders® designed is probably the most important change I have made in my Physical Therapy practice in the past year. My wife commented how this is the first time since she has known me (3 years) that I’m caught up on my documentation. Rapid Reports gets all the credit for that. The time savings are enormous.”

Willem Verweij PT, Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy

“Whether you are about to launch a new business or looking for new strategies to grow your existing business, I highly recommend you reach out to Performance Builders®. They have been invaluable as a consultant, coach, and advisor for my private practice and my professional development …with proven results.”

Greg Hullstrung PT, H&D Physical Therapy, NYC

“Bob has a tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge in the physical therapy field, as well as in the human resources/personnel management field. He has offered me great insight as well as imaginative and practical solutions to problems that I presented to him. I would highly recommend Bob as a colleague, consultant, or business partner.”

Sandra VanGilder PT, Fit+Giggles

“Performance Builders® is my go to source for practice management in physical therapy. They are the most knowledgeable experts that I know. Number one, They have experience in medical products and services, on a large and small scale. Outstanding in practice analysis, cultural transitions, product innovation from concept to delivery.”

Bob Baker PT, Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy

“Bob worked with me as a Career Coach. He has a true gift for knowing exactly what probing questions to ask to help find your way towards a fulfilling and passionate career path. His listening skills are outstanding as well. Not only did he help me find my path, he gave me great insight to that particular industry as well.”

Rebecca Baker, Health & Fitness Specialist, The San Francisco Bay Club

“Bob is an excellent business coach, who has a knack for seeing and then organizing ideas quickly. I would and have recommended Bob to people who want to improve their business performance, personal development and talk with someone who has a wealth of experience and an excellent way of communicating it.”

John Hardy, Personal Trainer, Faster Health & Fitness, UK

“It is hard to describe how blessed I feel that we have crossed paths. Your spirit is calming, and sparks growth. Almost 3 years ago , I was touched by your words and was inspired to think and act with more integrity and authenticity. Now, you expanded by horizons into entrepreneurship – something I never imagined I’d do until this year. Thank you deeply for elevating the trajectory of my life, and inspiring me to be more me. You’re the best, Bob!”

Amy Thieu, Physical Therapist, Pure Motion, Toronto, Canada

“Thank You so very much for your mentorship and believing in me. I feel like I just recently put some major pieces back together in my life and can tap into inspiration and try to help others to do the same. The work you have stimulated and created for me is true ‘soul food’ and I’m so grateful .”

Donna Ognibene, President Bodytrio

“Performance Builders®‘ unique perspective regarding the health and wellness market is second to none and one of its many gifts. They demonstrate a knowledge and the ability to think out of the box in order to find creative ways to progress your business and stay ahead of the curve.”

Adam Wolf PT

“Performance Builders® worked on two projects for our national not for profit organization. The work they did with us continues to be relevant and to guide current work we are doing. They are professional and knowledgeable. They give 110% effort for the project and go out of their way to make sure that all are satisfied.”

Ellen Harrington-Kane Assistant Vice President, Easter Seals

“As a private practice owner challenges of decreasing insurance reimbursement, increase in staff salaries, and lack of fresh ideas in a competitive marketplace can be overwhelming. Bob Wiersma promises results and delivered dividends to our bottom line. The cost to work with Performance Builders is VERY reasonable and the return in the investment was significant. Do not pass up this opportunity to makeover your practice with a proven track record!”

Noel Tenoso, DPT; Advance Sports & Spine, Portland, OR

“Hiring Performance Builders was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  In a very short period of time, we identified and corrected three main areas of concern.  Now my business is working for me instead of me working for my business.  Performance Builders remains a trusted partner in making sure my business navigates the current healthcare trends successfully.”

Amy Goddard, DPT, Go Sports Therapy, TX
“God has been very kind to me and Rommel, to come to us in the form of a mentor like you. Words are not enough to let you know how much of a difference you have made us by guiding us throughout all these years. You are our philosopher, our true guide, and a dear friend. Thank you for everything. We will continue to look up to you in the next years for giving us guidance.”
Ruth Hernan & Rommel Berganio; Owners, Prosoft Philippines

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me during this last year. Your knowledge, expertise, patience and caring have hugely surpassed my expectations. I felt like I was at a dead end when I first started working with you. I had lost my direction and some of my passion for the work that I do. You have truly brought me back to a place where I feel alive as a therapist and I am very much looking forward to the continued learning curve that is ahead. I love challenges! You have reignited my spirit and passion for my work. I am grateful to you and your team.”

Barbara Schultze, Élan Osteopathic Clinic