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The Business Consultancy of Health

“Performance Builders consults with health professionals and organizations to achieve performance with growth by creating new opportunities and possibilities. Drawing on our reputation for dependable innovation and decades of diverse hands-on consulting experience, Performance Builders provides insight, crafts strategy, takes action, and delivers meaningful results.”-Bob Wiersma

At a Glance …

Our focus and priority is our clients – each is unique and that’s how we treat them.

Our core expertise permeates the business and practice aspects of physical rehabilitation, fitness, training, conditioning, human performance, and corporate health. We see things differently and make things better.

Our clients are varied. They include for-profits and not-for-profits. They range from individual professionals and small local businesses to national health systems and Fortune 500 companies. They are both local and global but all share an entrepreneurial spirit. We are privileged to serve with integrity.

The business world is changing and the rate of change is accelerating. Competition is both punishing and unforgiving. There is neither time for complacency nor wasted effort.

Business is challenged to reliably make important things happen in ways that create value and build trust.

We understand the creative tension that exists between possibility and probability – between risk and reward. We are accomplished in helping our clients turn problems into profit.

We do not believe in a heavy-handed approach to performance, nor do we believe that people looking at the same problem in the same way will enhance performance or growth opportunities. Performance is all about behaviors, decisions, and actions performed in the best way, at the best time, by the best people. Performance is not driven, it is provoked. The possibilities are endless.